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Successful political action requires that each of us is proactive in contacting our elected representatives to advocate on behalf of ourselves and our union.

You can look up your representatives by entering your zip code. Please look them up today!

Vote Cope
VOTE-COPE, which stands for Voice Of Teachers in Education - Committee On Political Education, is NYSUT's political action committee designed to further NYSUT's political agenda.

It is your statewide union's voluntary, member-supported political action campaign. Members' donations to VOTE-COPE help support grass-roots lobbying by thousands of NYSUT members and boost candidates with strong records on education, health care and labor issues.

VOTE-COPE is non-partisan and receives all of its support from voluntary member contributions. The money is used to lobby for legislation and to elect candidates who understand the importance of education and health care and who support the values of the organized labor movement.

Funds from VOTE-COPE have been used for everything from winning a cost of living adjustment for retiree pensions to helping defeat dangerous voucher proposals. Another important feature of VOTE-COPE is that a percentage of the funds raised by a NYSUT local union are rebated back to the local to use for grassroots efforts, such as electing pro-union school board candidates or passing school budgets.

How and Why Does NYSUT Make Political Endorsements?
NYSUT takes a non-partisan approach to its endorsement process, giving strong consideration to the voting record of incumbents on issues affecting NYSUT members.  In endorsements, the union's primary consideration is always a candidate's positions on issues that affect NYSUT members - not party affiliation.

NYSUT takes part in the political process to secure legislation that benefits members and their workplaces.The process of endorsing political candidates includes an endorsement conference involving local presidents, a statewide political action committee and NYSUT's legislative department.  Following the conference, NYSUT's Board of Directors acts on the final recommendations of the PAC and the union's executive committee.

NYSUT policy is to remain neutral in open races unless a compelling reason exists to make an endorsement.

Oyster Bay-East Norwich

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